Dr Jay Evans


Jay Evans is the Regional Director for Asia at Medic Mobile and is currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal where he and his team have deployed the country’s first ANC/PNC mHealth program at scale. Jay is also a part of the advisory board to the National eHealth Strategy in Nepal. His current areas of research interest are mHealth and NCDs, in particular strengthening the referral pathway.View his collaborative paper on Mobile Health and Cancer in LMICs. Jay received his BA in International Affairs cum laude from George Washington University, and MSc in Development Economics from The University of Pennsylvania, and received the Department Chairman’s award for academic excellence. Jay’s team has managed dozens of public health and development projects around the globe in countries such as: Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Singapore, Russia and Costa Rica.


You can email Dr Jay Evans, at jay.evans@ed.ac.uk