We are creating a team of scientists and practitioners that are committed to the One Health and Planetary Health Agenda.

Dr Liz Grant
Managing Director
Juwairia R Quazi
(Founder, Manager and Director of Grant’s Regenerative Healthcare Network (GHRN))
Dr Sally Goerner
Energy Systems Research Director
Dr Sherrill Stroschein
Political Strategy Advisor
Dr Neil Thompson
Senior Advisor/ Planetary Health Entrepreneurial Strategy
Dr James Ehrlich
Senior Advisor/ Entrepreneur in Residence at Stanford University
Phoebe Tickell
Director of Moral Imaginings @ Scientific Advisor of PH-Innovations
Tatiana Grossman
Planetary Health Innovation Lead
Aracelia Camargo
Director of Centric Lab @ Public Health Lead
Dr Wendy Schultz
Foresight Scientific Research Advisor
Josh Artus
Public Health Strategist & Co-Director of Centric Lab
Dr Alessandr Ferreira
(Conservation medicine, Public health)
Dr Jean Widdowson
(Humanitarian aid, Healthcare and Development)
Sebastian Junemann
Corinna Schäfer
(Founding Member of CADUS)
Dr Luigi Attademo
(Environmental Health & Healthcare system strengthening)
Dr Robert Stone
(Human centered design, Advanced interactive technologies)
Dr Inayah Zaheen Ahmed
(Epidemiology & Healthcare Capacity Building)
Dr Brian D. Fath
(Resilience, Ecological Modelling, Ecological Network Analysis)
Dr Anna Muller Queiroz
Cognitive Psychology and Virtual Reality Researcher
Dr Tay-yibah Mohamed
(Complex Interventions & Health Policy)
Dr Michael Field
(Systemic Approaches to International Development)
Dr Lucy Bennison
(Big History & the New Story of Evolution)
Dr James Keasley
(Humanitarian Medicine and Public Health)
Dr Rory Wilson
(Medicine and Security Affairs Advisor)
Dr Elka Gotfryd
(Urban and Community Planning)
Dr Dan Fiscus
(Ecological Network Analysis, Land and Food Network Restoration)
Dr Eric Derks
(Systemic Approaches to International Development)
Dr Curtis Ogden
(Collaborative Learning and Capacity Building in Human Networks)
Dr Harry Heft
(Ecological Psychology Researcher)
Dr. David Abram
(Environmental Health and Eco-psychology)
Dr Michael Edelstein
(Ecological & Environmental Psychology Researcher)
Dr Laura Lengnick
(Resilience, Food Network/Agricultural Sustainability)
Mariam Idrissi
(Social Media Communications Officer)
Lilla J. Bentkowska
(Social Communications Officer)
Dr Jennifer Wells
(Philosophy of Mind, Aristotelian Metaphysics)
Dr Howard Robinson
(Philosophy of Mind, Aristotelian Metaphysics)
Dr Jessica Pierce
(Bioethics, Environmental Sustainability and Health Education)
Dr Jwalin Patel
Education and International Development Consultant
Dr Tess Hewett
(Social Policy & Global Health)
Ayesha Qureishi
(Biomedical Science and Global Health)
Dr Gale Lucas
(Artificial Science and Mental Health)
Dr Natalia Grolmusova
(Tropical Medicine & Health Capacity Building)
Dr Rian Lawrence
(Environmental risk factors, Water quality)
Mariem Saleh
(Data Analysis and Machine Learning)
Dr Rafia Rafique
(Applied Psychology and Mental Health)
Saad LIaquat
Website Manager
Dr Rakhshanda Toheed
(Gynaecology and Women Health)
Dr Saher Hasnain
Environmental Policy Design Expert
Dr Josephine Holt
(Health Economics and Refugee Medicine)
Dr Robert E. Ulanowicz
(Theoretical Ecology & Ecological Network Analysis)
Dr Stephanie Mines
(Mental Health and Neuropsychology )
Dr Allan L Combs
(Consciousness researcher, Neuro Psychologist, Systems Theorist)
Dr Anamaria Berea
(Economics and Complex Systems Theory; Computational Modelling)
Dr Joacim Rocklöv
(Environmental Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Ecology)
Dr Perveen Ali
(Upsign Healthcare Co-Lead/ Healthcare and Nursing)
Dr Zafar Iqbal
(Public Health System Design Specialist)
Dr Na’eem Ahmed BEM
(Medical Director)
Dr Afzal Javed
Senior Director/ Clinical Mental Health Lead
Norman T. Chella
Science Communication Director
Dr Adil Mahmood
(Medical Director)
Dr Luca Ragazzoni
(Scientific Coordinator of Crimedim and Humanitarian Aid Director)
Dr Aaron Mishara
(Clinical Psychology Research Lead)
Dr Jay Evans
(Senior Tech Consultant)
Francesco Baroneadesi
(Humanitarian and Environment Epidemiologist)
Dr Muhiuddin Haider
(Public Health and Healthcare Systems)
Dr Aaron J. Schwartz
(Impacts of environmental change on human well-being)
Dr Francesco Bernardini
(Clinical Psychology)
(Policy and Humanitarian affairs correspondent)
Awsan Bahattab
(Humanitarian Aid and Development)