Software, Data and Models are the central tools that underpin almost all scientific work at Planetary Health Lab. As an Institute we share a common commitment to ensuring we have a strong overview of all System Science tools that are fit for purpose. They are focused on effectively addressing wicked and complex problems, while upholding highest standards of quality and Integrity.

Scientific Modelling Strategy

The Board of Scientists of on Planetary Health Lab are seeking to create novel methods, metrics, and analytical software solutions to accompany the One Health Metric in the United Kingdom.  Models such as Social Ecological Models, Computational Social Science, Ecological Network Analysis and Energy System Science, Fractals and Non-Linear Dynamical Modelling drawn from Chaos Theory.
PH-LAB strives to uphold high standards of scientific practice and commits itself to the standards set within the University of Edinburgh, below is some of the work compiled within the University at large around Planetary Health.  The individual departments contain more details as to the range of methodological approaches, software, data sets and tools that Edinburgh uses. 

Planetary Health Lab is a Living Lab, means that Social Innovation is at the heart of the unique offering and thus its draws on disciplines such as impact investing, strategy, and organizational design. In short, PH Lab follows the Quintuple helix model to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the case countries that it operates within. This is enshrined in RARE’S Ten Measures of Societal Systemic Health and the development of an Integrated Planetary Health Framework as a Theory of Change Framework for an Ecological Centred Design. 

  Five Helices of the Quintuple Helix
(Elias G. Carayannis - Carayannis, Elias G.; Barth, Thorsten D.; Campbell, David F. J. (2012-08-08). "The Quintuple Helix innovation model: global warming as a challenge and driver for innovation". Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 1 (1): 2. doi:10.1186/2192-5372-1-2. ISSN 2192-5372)

Coming Soon- A list of the data sets our work draws upon….

To ensure high quality and easy reproducibility of our scientific work, PH LAB adheres to a thorough step by step process to ensure scientific research is translated to a succent policy outcome. These standards address responsibility, sustainability, implementation, documentation and outreach themes for our innovative measures and theoretical approaches. Properly archiving all data and software contributing to a report is part of our workflow.

 Public Health  

Each solution depends on the organizational form