Mariem Saleh


(Data Analysis and Machine Learning)

Mariem Saleh (Data Analysis and Machine Learning)

Mariem completed her graduate degree in energy technologies from Cambridge where she received the best thesis award for her dissertation; “”Stochastic Analysis and Design of Carbon Nanotubes Li-ion Batteries for electric vehicles”, granted” Mariem also FoundedTechHaven an online platform for empowering, showcasing and selling smart tech-based everyday products based on market trends. Most recently, she is working as a Data and Innovation engineer for BDR Therma where she is tasked with the responsibility of developing Machine Learning models for predicting users heat consumption habits amongst others.

Research Interests:

Data Analysis and Machine Learning
Optimization and Data-driven Control
Modelling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
(Focus on Energy Systems, Robotics and Electric-Vehicles)

You can email Dr Mariem Saleh at

You can email Mariem Saleh, at