Dr Robert E. Ulanowicz


Dr Robert E. Ulanowiczis Professor Emeritus with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and Courtesy Professor in the Arthur R. Marshall Center at the University of Florida. He is a graduate of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Johns Hopkins University. Ulanowicz devoted most of his career to developing methods to analyze ecosystem trophic networks. He has published over 190 papers in network theory, ecological economics, fisheries, thermodynamics, and philosophy/religion. He is the Author of three monographs: Growth and Development (1986), Ecology, the Ascendent Perspective (1997), and A Third Window (2009), and Co- Author/editor of four others. Ulanowicz is the recipient of the 2007 Ilya A. Prigogine Medal awarded for excellence of research into ecosystem dynamics.

You can email Dr Robert E. Ulanowicz, at info@planetaryhealthlab.com