Juwairia R Quazi


Juwairia’s research focuses on healthcare system reforms and innovation in health systems. Specifically; her research focuses on: (1) Building the expertise of teams needed in a collaborative environments; (2) the problem- solving capabilities of dynamic individuals needed to solve complex problems; and (3) the design, adoption, implementation and sustainability of innovation in healthcare systems.

Juwairia has a strong commitment to building resilient health systems, to allow improved medical management of populations in the face of environmental problems. Juwairia is especially interested in the development and scale up of innovative, evidence based health practices, programs and policies. Juwairia believes in regularly collaborating and catalyzing partnerships across disciplines to affect system wide improvements. She specializes in program development, implementation, evaluation and dissemination in the form of policy outputs.

Juwairia founded Ecomindbotinc, a mental health technology start-up focused on pioneering a new behavioural therapy approach to improve the quality and efficiency of mental care provision through digital technology.

Research Interests:

  • Healthcare Systems
  • Policy Outcomes
  • Research and Development
  • Innovation and Mental Health

You can email Juwairia R Quazi, at Jquazi1@gmail.com