Dr Jean Widdowson


Dr Jean is a highly experienced development humanitarian aid worker, with more than 10 years experience covering most of Africa. She is able to build institutional networks with individuals, agencies and governments to help scale and implement small to large-scale interventions in emergency settings. She has provided logistical, operational, contextual and analytical support for emergency preparedness and response programs in non-emergency settings. She has worked in creating strategic plans and policies. Her experience and expertise are in project management from assessment and analysis through operation and implementation of projects.

After a career as a lecturer, research microbiologist with the Health Protection Agency, then an editor on The Journal of Medical Microbiology, Jean worked as a Community Pharmacy Manager from 1997 until 2007.  Aware of the vast amount of waste medicines, Jean joined Inter Care as a volunteer and then as a Trustee.  Jean now lead a Medical Panel, whose remit is to advise on the medical, ethical and legal aspects of medicine donation and to ensure that the donations are of the highest quality and suitable for purpose.


You can email Dr Jean Widdowson, at j.widdowson46@gmail.com