Dr. David Abram (Environmental Health and Eco-psychology)


(Environmental Health and Eco-psychology)

Dr. David Abram
Dr. David Abram, is a cultural ecologist and philosopher, with a particular interest in the ecological dimension of sensory experience, and the ecological dimensions of language. He currently works on ethnobiology and traditional ecological knowledge systems (TEK) of indigenous cultures around the world. His research examines the contrasts between traditionally oral and literate cultures, additionally his work on the perceptual effects and linguistic consequences of the different writing systems has informed the research programs of other scholars in numerous countries. His most keen achievement up to date is cementing the field ecopsychology as a therapeutic practice.

Research Interests:

Eco psychology
Environmental Health
Philosophy of Mind
Mental health
Science of Art

You can email Dr. David Abram, at wilderment@gmail.com

You can email Dr. David Abram (Environmental Health and Eco-psychology), at wilderment@gmail.com