Ayesha Qureishi


Aiysha Qureshi has worked extensively in combating a wide range of threats to human rights and development. Her experience includes drafting healthcare policies, working with international and national NGOs, including international developmental agents, policymakers, and the healthcare force, to provide healthcare access to victims of Gender-Based violence, and to build institutional capacity in humanitarian and conflict settings. Ayesha has a deep knowledge and passion for human rights and social justice and will be a key player in the development of programs and polices to address Gender-based violence in healthcare. She remains passionate about advocacy and activism and is hoping to bridge the gap between academia and evidence based change. She has completed a Master’s in in Global Health and Development from University College London, having previously received a BSc in Biomedical Sciences.




You can email Ayesha Qureishi, at aiyshaq96@gmail.com