Dr Sally Goerner


Sally Goerner was Director of the Research Alliance for Regenerative Economics (RARE). Sally lectures worldwide on how the Energy Network Sciences (ENS) can create a commonsense narrative of how to rebuild economic vitality by revitalizing human networks. This narrative is also backed by surprisingly precise quantitative measures. Working with Belgian financier Bernard Lietaer and energy-network theorist Robert Ulanowicz, Sally recently helped create a precise empirical measure of economic sustainability that shows why systemic health in economic networks requires maintaining a critical balance of resilience and efficiency. Sally holds advanced degrees in engineering, nonlinear dynamics, and psychology from Binghamton University, The Saybrook Institute, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill respectively.

She has written over 50 articles and four books: The New Science of Sustainability: Building a Foundation for Great Change (2008); After the Clockwork Universe: The Emerging Science and Culture of Integral Society (1999/2007); The Coming Great Change in Education (2007); and Chaos and the Evolving Ecological Universe (1994). She is a Co- Author with Bernard Lietaer of Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link – Report from the Club of Rome (2012).

Research Interests:

  • Complex System Theory
  • Regenerative Economics
  • Food Networks
  • Ecological Sustainability

You can email Dr Sally Goerner, at sgoerner@mindspring.com