Dr Tess Hewett


Dr Tess is interested in how public health and climate change policy compare and differ internationally according to culture, circumstances and history of a country. Throughout her career she has focused on public health promotion and on how to communicate the link between public health and climate change to the general public. This includes communicating messages that account for the social determinants, how the links between public health and climate change are presented and how policy is put into practice.

Tess has previously worked for the UK civil service for over twelve years both in London and in Madrid and for non-government organisations across North America (Canada, USA and Mexico). Her focus has mainly been on public health communication; she has worked across a range of agencies and organization linking local services, sectors with inter/national government health policies. Additionally, she has managed projects implementing public health policies and communicating core messages to both external and internal audiences






You can email Dr Tess Hewett, at Tess.gool@gmail.com